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What is this site about?


I hope this site offers you some insight into why I have completely fallen in love with the City of Ogden, and why I believe you should as well! 

As a young leader in Ogden, I have seen first hand the power of unity and togetherness. I believe that great things happen when people come together to create. Whether that be the current development of a Creative District in Downtown, bringing artists and community members together to envision a thriving Arts Corridor, or the newly formed Diversity Commission which strives to represent and include all of our diverse communities within Ogden. I have the great pleasure of serving on this Commission. 

The power of community should never be underestimated. 






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Learn more about me! Who I am, what I do, and why I love Ogden!

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For two years, I worked with United Way of Northern Utah as their Community Engagement Director. My work  catapulted me into this community in such a meaningful and life-altering way. Each day I spend in our community; from feeding our homeless to collecting and distributing school supplies and backpacks to kids, ensuring they have the tools necessary to learn. 

Community building is both my profession and my passion. 









Arts Administrator

The arts are a critical part in the success of Ogden City. I am proud to promote and build the work of the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association as their Development Director. 

Ogden is a thriving cultural hub, with things to do almost any night of the week! Keep a close eye on my blog to find out what's happening!


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